Month: August 2015

CQ US Islands Contest de AA4XX Harker’s Island

Harker’s Island is located down east, about as far east as you can drive before the highway gives way to the sea.  Fortunately, the island is readily accessible by car via a causeway.

 Harker's Island casueway allows access by car

I selected Harker’s Island as a good site to operate the US Islands Contest.  It’s a rather lengthy (3-1/2 hr) drive from home, but this island has a lot going for it–beautiful vistas of neighboring islands and villages, friendly locals, first class seafood, and several ideal locations to set up antennas.


Lightning Strikes AA4XX Radio Shack

One sultry afternoon in August of 2011, a series of severe thunderstorms passed over my property, and upon arriving home after work, I decided to walk  the 1/4 mile or so from my house to make sure everything was OK at the radio site.

The only immediate sign of damage was a melted piece of ladder line near where it entered the shack

lightning melted ladder line (more…)

Winter QRP Expedition to Lea Hutaff Island

One of my favorite places in the world is Lea Hutaff Island, situated off the SE coast of North Carolina, between Topsail Island and Fiqure Eight Island.

There are no people living on the island, but this was not always the case. The Lea family house is the only dwelling still standing on the island, and it is not uncommon to see waves breaking underneath during high tide.

Last remaining dwelling on Lea Island (more…)