KnightLite’s Excalibur Site Showing Signs of Rebirth

The KnightLite’s Excalibur antenna site has lain dormant ever since the Aug, 2011 lightning strike that caused extensive damage to the remote operating shack and all the antennas.

This is the way the original radio shack looked prior to the lightning strike

Original Excalibur Radio Shack

This is how the site looks now

Excalibur Antenna Site with damaged building removed

This past weekend, Dick N4HAY, Chris N4PBQ, and Paul AA4XX, spent several hours mowing, weedeating, discarding old building material, and rearranging salvageable antenna parts.

N4PBQ and N4HAY prepping wood to be discarded

 Chris N4PBQ and Dick N4HAY

Several pickup truck loads were hauled to the local disposal facility

N4PBQ unloading building material at dumster

Surplus antenna parts were relocated to a central location

Surplus antenna parts were relocated to a central area

Coincidentally, the logging operations have finally been completed, and the access road to the Excalibur Site is in good condition.

Excalibur access road was left in good condition by the logging crew

Roughly one quarter of the timber was left standing, so there are ample skyhooks left for wire antennas at the Excalibur site.

Excalibur Forest Logging


It will be a while before we can assess the condition of the 72′ crank up tower, but we hope that we can restore it to use in due time.

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