Excalibur II Site Improvements – Drywall

Since it has been several months since the last report on the rebuilding of the KnightLite’s QRP operating site WQ4RP, I wanted to share some of the things the KnightLites have been up to.

In April, Marty W4MY spearheaded the installation of drywall for the walls and ceiling of the shack.  Our Drywall Fest team consisted of Marty W4MY, Marc W4MPS, Chris AA4OO, Dick N4HAY, et moi AA4XX.

Excalibur Sheetrock 1

W4MPS (L) and W4MY (R) cutting drywall

It was quite exciting to see the shack’s transformation as new drywall sheets were installed.  The purple drywall was chosen because it is mold and mildew resistant.

Excalibur Sheetrock 2

Chris AA4OO (F) and Dick N4HAY (R) securing the drywall with screws

The fiberglass insulation had been installed in the walls a month prior to the drywall work.  AA4XX finished putting in the ceiling rafters and associated wiring and insulation a few days before the Sheetrock Fest.

Excalibur Sheetrock 3.JPG

AA4OO and N4HAY secure first drywall ceiling panel

W4MY took responsibility for mudding the joints and trimming the door and windows over the next two days.  Marty’s generous sharing of time and materials to complete this phase of the project is greatly appreciated.

Excalibur Sheetrock 4

Master Craftsman Marty, W4MY

Under Marty’s tutelege, AA4XX took responsibility for the sheetrock finish work–sanding, priming, and painting.  Our teams’ work turned out fabulously.  It really helped to be able to draw on each others talents for this project.

Excalibur Sheetrock 6

With our spiffy new interior walls and ceiling completed, the next logical question was,  OK, what about the flooring?

Stay tuned, as that will be covered in the next post.

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