EZFile Instructions for RM-11708 / Docket 16-239 NPRM

EZFile Instructions for RM-11708 / Docket 16-239 NPRM

Step by Step EZFile Instructions for Filing Comments on  RM-11708 / Docket 16-239 NPRM

Prepared by AB2RA

Enter the following url into your browser :

Read the current page of contents, if you want to get a sense of the comments that are being submitted.

YOUR input counts!

  1. Look along the top of the displayed FCC web page. Find the area that says: Submit a FILING. CLICK on it.
  2. This will take you to a form to enter your contact information. FCC needs this information in order to contact you in case of problems with your filing or to let you know it has been received.
  3. On the next lower line, CLICK on Express Comment.
  4. (Do not use Standard Filing unless you have a document already prepared to upload.)
  5. First, you will have to fill in the designator of the filing in the top box. Click in the top box beside Proceeding(s). Type in 16-239 and then press ENTER. As you type, you will see a drop-down of open actions. Ignore them. You will know you did it right when the numbers 16-239 are embedded in a yellow box.
  6. Click immediately to the right of that yellow box and type in RM-11708 and press ENTER . Again, ignore the stuff in the drop-down. You should then see RM-11708  also embedded in a yellow box. You have now tagged your comment to include both 16-239 and RM-11708.
  7. Below that, enter your name in the Name(s) of Filer(s) area. VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT: PRESS ENTER KEY, FOR EACH ITEM YOU ENTER IN THIS PROCESS! Your name is now entered in yellow highlight as before. This indicates that the system accepted that entry.
  8. Below that, enter your email exactly as yours@email.com or .net, whatever your full email address is. This one will not turn yellow. Just click on the next item in the list.
  9. Click in the Address box. (DO NOT CLICK the “international” button, as you are making a USA filing.) Your cursor should be at the beginning of the blank area for address. Type your street address there. Use Number, street, apartment format.
  10. Move down on the page and CLICK in the City box to position your blinking cursor there. Type in your city.
  11. Move down to STATE and CLICK in the box. A list will drop down. Scroll to your state. CLICK on your state. The form now should have your state.
  12. Move down to ZIP and click there. Type in your zip code, 5 digits.
  13. ALMOST DONE! First be sure all blank areas on the form which have an asterisk (*) are filled in. The FCC system will NOT accept any filings that do not have that information.
  14. Click on the Brief Comments area and type in your brief comments there. In the top box of your filing be certain you have two yellow boxes containing 16-239 and RM-11708. You must include these two specific terms!
  15. CLICK ON THE BUTTON Email Confirmation. You will receive an email confirmation that your filing has been accepted in only minutes. Your filing will appear on the FCC site within a couple days.
  16. When you are satisfied with every item of information on this page, CLICK ON Continue to review screen.
  17. If all is well, you will be asked to confirm that everything is correct, and then you can CLICK ON THE Submit Button and it will all go to the FCC. If anything is missing, you will be directed to fix that first.


You will receive an email confirmation that your filing has been accepted within a few minutes.

If you need help with any of the above, please feel free to contact me directly.