KnightLite’s FYBO 2017

KnightLite’s FYBO 2017

Each year at this time, the the Arizona ScQRPions sponsor the Freeze Your Buns Off QRP Sprint.

Stations who set up in colder environments receive higher points multipliers:

Temperature: 65F=x1, 50-64F=x2, 40-49F=x3, 30-39F=x4, 20-29F=x5,<20F=x6

A small group of hearty KnightLites braved the cold temperature using the KnightLite’s Club Call, WQ4RP.

Rob K3COD and Joe WA4GIR were operating 40M and 20M respectively upon my arrival at Harris Lake State Park near Raleigh, NC.  The temperature on Joe’s thermometer was reading 37F, which provided a points multiplier of 4.  Both stations were using inverted vees supported by nearby pine trees.


Rob K3COD and Joe WA4GIR Operating FYBO 2017

Rob K3COD Operating 40M During FYBO 2017 with his K1 and Vibroplex Original Standard


Joe WA4GIR Operating 20M During FYBO 2017 with his KX3 and Bencher Paddles


Joe reported that 20M was in good condition throughout the day, and that highlights of the day included working NA5N and WQ7RP, along with 13 additional stations on 20M.

Dave AB4ZR joined us around Noon.

 Dave AB4ZR and Rob K3COD FYBO 2017


We spent some time socializing, tallking about various keys, bugs, and paddles.  Joe’s KX3 was sending us a reminder that 20M was waking up quite nicely, so Joe returned to the rig to make some more contacts.

Joe  mentioned that the KnightLites were visited by four different park employees, and that they were all very friendly and welcoming.

It was a lovely day to be with friends at the lake, participating in FYBO 2017.


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