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Camping Option for FDIM/Dayton Hamfest

Camping Option for FDIM/Dayton Hamfest

If you enjoy the prospect of a quiet, wooded campground in conjunction with your visit to the QRP ARCI FDIM/Dayton Hamvention, I would personally recommend the Frontier Campground in Waynesville, OH.  The campground has sites for both RV’s and tents, as well as some cute little log cabins for those who prefer not to tent camp.

As of March 26th, the owner told me that there are still plenty of open spots for the FDIM weekend. Full information on Frontier Campground may be found at


AA4XX Tent Campsite Frontier Campground 2012

The campground provides a no frills shower house and bathroom facility, which I found to be clean and entirely adequate for my needs during my last visit in 2012.  It’s not the Hilton, but for $25 per day for a tent site, I think the campground’s rates are quite reasonable.

Frontier Campground is also conveniently located with respect to the FDIM venue in Fairborn (24 miles) and the Dayton Hamfest in Xenia (13 miles).

What really draws me to this campground is it’s proximity to the Spring Valley Wildlife area.  Spring Valley Lake is a short walk from the campground.


Spring Valley Wildlife Area Historical Marker


Nature lovers are free to hike the area around lovely Spring Valley Lake


There is ample opportunity to observe waterfowl and songbirds all around the lake


The lake is full of fish, and you’ll probably encounter a few fisherman on your walk

I have no relationship with Frontier Campground–I’m just a satisfied customer…If you decide to stay at Frontier during FDIM/Dayton Hamvention 2017, please look me up at tent campsite #2.

72 es CU at FDIM,  Paul  AA4XX