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KL7/VE7ACN Now Active on Several HF Bands

KL7/VE7ACN Now Active on Several HF Bands

Mikhail, KL7/VE7ACN is currently providing many stations around the world with their first contact(s) from Alaska. His location is Coffman Cove, Prince of Wales Island, with IOTA designation NA-041.

KL7/VE7ACN Currently Active from Coffman Cove, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Mikhail plans to be active from this location until Mar 20, 2017.  He has been operating many HF Bands, and his current frequency can usually be observed via the Reverse Beacon Network at

Mikhail has been widely worked on 160M this week.  I recorded him Wed morning around 0640z to demonstrate how strong his signal was–an honest 599–the strongest signal I have ever heard from the West Coast on Top Band.

Mikhail easily copied my QRP signal on 160M, but I almost missed him.  I had been monitoring his activity via the RBN on my iPhone while lying in my sleeping bag, waking myself every half hour to check if he had made the move to Top Band.  Seeing that the RBN was still reporting him to be on 80M, I reached up to turn my Argonaut VI off to conserve battery power, and at that precise moment I heard a loud CQ in the headphones…I couldn’t believe it when I heard, CQ CQ de KL7/VE7ACN K !  It was pure dumb luck that he came up on the random frequency I had left my rig tuned to just as I was about to roll over in my sleeping bag for another half hour round of sleep (this was 2:30AM local time).    A few minutes afterwards, with few responses from his CQ’s, Mikhail QSY’ed to another band.

KL7/VE7ACN may be your best chance in a long time to get Alaska into your log on your band(s) of interest, especially for East Coast stations.  He obviously has an ideal location with optimized antennas and a great set of ears.

Please note that Mikhail will only be active on 160M for another day or two.  More information can be found on his website at

Here’s a short YouTube video I shot to give you an idea of how strong Mikhail’s signal was:

Thanks to Mikhail, VE7ACN for a job well done!

Here’s wishing you good DX,

72,  Paul  AA4XX